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So you’ve decided to bet on Superbowl 2018 and just like almost every year Tom Brady and the New England Patriots seem like a good bet. Well, you’re wrong and this is why!

As defending Super Bowl Champions, the New England Patriots entered the season with the best odds of winning the Super Bowl this season. The Patriots went into the season with +325 odds of winning the Super Bowl. Six games into the season, the Patriots are 4-2, and still have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl at +400.

The question on everyone’s mind right now is can the Patriots still win the Super Bowl this year?

Patriots Bet on Superbowl 2018

This would have been a lot easier to answer if we had a crystal ball that could tell the future, but since we don’t, we’re going to take our best guess to determine if they can.

Right now, the Patriots have the best passing game in the league, averaging 309.8 yards per game. Their offense has also been putting up a lot of points, and average 28.7 points per game.

Defensively, the Patriots haven’t been able to keep their opponents out of the end zone, and are allowing 26.5 points per game, which is 30th in the league.

With their defense playing poorly, it’s hard to see the Patriots going far in the playoffs, but there’s still plenty of time left in the season for them to sort things out on the defensive end.

Even though they are 4-2 and lead the AFC East, Patriots fans have to be a little worried about the fact that this team could easily be 1-5 right now because New Orleans is the only team they beat convincingly in their four wins. And the other three games could have easily gone the other way. Superbowl 52 is going to come down to defence and the Patriots simply just do not have it in crunch time this season.

After six games, we don’t think the Patriots have what it takes to win the Super Bowl this year. However, since there isn’t a dominant team in the league this year, the Patriots have as good a chance as any of the other contenders to win it all, provided they can get hot at the right time.

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