Updated NFC Superbowl Odds

With the NFC playoff picture finally set, we now have a better idea of which teams have what it takes to win the Super Bowl and which teams are just glad to be in the playoffs.

In the NFC, the Minnesota Vikings are considered the best team and have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl at +375.

The Vikings are actually a decent value at their current odds because they have faced most of the teams they are likely to meet in the NFC playoffs this year. They defeated the Saints in their season opener, they also have a convincing win over the Los Angeles Rams, but they lost to the Carolina Panthers.

The New Orleans Saints have the second best odds at +750, but after they struggled running the ball at the end of the season and the way their defense played, they might not be a very good bet. Then again, they defeated the Carolina Panthers twice, as well as the Atlanta Falcons, so they have a good chance of making the NFC Championship Game. If they make it there, they can go all the way.

The Los Angeles Rams are probably the best bet in the NFC at +750. The biggest knock on the Rams is their playoff inexperience, but that’s isn’t as big a deal as they are making it out to be. The Rams lost to the Vikings and Eagles, but they are still the most complete team in the NFL, and if their defense goes back to playing the way it did at the start of the season, they will be unstoppable.

The Eagles looked like the best team in the NFC before Carson Wentz suffered a season ending injury. Now their odds of winning the Super Bowl has dropped to +1200, thanks to the play of Nick Foles, who has managed to look worse every week he has started since the injury.
At +1600, the Atlanta Falcons haven’t been given much of a chance to win the Super Bowl, but after clawing their way into the playoffs, anything is possible. Their defense has been playing very well, and their offense has done enough to win games, but they will need their running game to win it all this year.

The Carolina Panthers are at +2500, mostly thanks to the maddening play of Cam Newton this season. In some games, he has looked like the guy that won the MVP in 2015, and in other games, he has looked like a terrible quarterback. If Newton can get back to playing well, this is a very dangerous team.

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