Betting on Super Bowl 2022 Odds

Coming up next, guide to betting on Super Bowl 2022 odds. After four years of disappointing quarterback play from Mitch Trubisky, the Chicago Bears decided to move on from their former first round pick and they selected former Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields with the 11th pick in the 2021 BFL Draft.

Even though a lot of Bears fans want Fields to be their opening day starter, former quarterback Jay Cutler isn’t one of them. The most prolific quarterback in team history believes the team is better off sitting Fields in favor of recently acquired veteran Andy Dalton.

“I wouldn’t play the kid to start,” Jay Cutler said this week on Waddle & Silvy on WMVP-AM 100, via the Chicago Tribune. “That’s where I’d start. I’d let him watch. I think it’s just a tough spot to just throw someone out there, especially in Chicago. And I think Andy is more than serviceable. I think they can win games with Andy and kind of pull the ship along until [Fields] is ready.”

Odds to Betting on Super Bowl 2022 Online

Betting on Super Bowl 2022 Odds

Even if you don’t agree with him, Cutler makes a good point. If Fields is the team’s starter for their opener, he will go up against Aaron Donald, Jalen Ramsey, and the rest of the Rams’ defense, which was the best defensive unit in the league last season.

Cutler also added that if the hope is a stellar career lies ahead, sitting Fields for year is a small sacrifice.

“Everyone’s different. I’ve just always been on the side of, what’s 10 games? What’s a season [of sitting] in the grand scheme of this kid’s career? If you believe he’s the guy, get everything set up so that when he’s thrown in there, he’s supported and he can make things happen the way he should instead of battling through all this stuff and seeing ghosts five years from now or three years from now,” Cutler said. “He came from Ohio State. He has played in big games before. So I don’t think he’s going to mind it much. But I will say this isn’t Ohio State. This isn’t college football. The playing field gets leveled really quickly in the NFL. You’re going to get humbled. Bad things are going to happen. You’re just going to have to deal with it.”

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