Green Bay Packers 2020 NFL Preview

Today we start with a 2020 NFL preview of the Green Bay Packers. Also, a review of Green Bay Packers Super Bowl 2020 betting odds.

The Green Bay Packers recently added Matt LeFleur as their head coach to replace the Super Bowl winning Mike McCarthy. Many Green Bay fans were ready for a change at the head coaching position and NFL fans have highly touted Lafleur’s approach to the offence.

For example, when Lafleur was able to guide the LA Rams back to greatness on the offensive side of the ball, he rapidly took a job as the offensive coordinator with the Titans. Even though the Titans had problems last year, most of their wins came when the team was an underdog. This in itself is an impressive feat. When the Packers picked up LaFleur, you’d think that everything would be great. Even before the first whistle has been blown in the 2019 season, there are already rumblings in the Packers locker room about LaFleur’s approach to the game. Next, a 2020 NFL preview of the teams to bet on.

2020 NFL Season Preview of the Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers 2020 NFL Preview

Do this years Green Bay Packers have a shot at Super Bowl 2020?

Even starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers has voiced his doubts over LaFleur’s approach to football. This is concerning because if the team chemistry isn’t there, LaFleur could have a short season as the Packers head coach. If all of the rumors about the locker room being upset are untrue, perhaps LaFleur will prove the critics wrong by leading the Packers back into the playoffs and perhaps the Super Bowl.

It really makes you wonder if LaFleur is the answer to all of the Packers problems. If you go back and watch the Packers from season’s in the past, it seemed like everything bad that could go wrong with the Packers. Between injuries, bad calls and dropped balls, there’s really nothing that the Packers could do. Sometimes people and teams are just victims of bad luck. With bad luck, there comes frustration and it normal to feel frustrated when things aren’t going your way. Maybe Matt LaFleur is what the Packers need in order to change their luck and get back to the Super Bowl in 2020 NFL preview.

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