Winning Super Bowl 2020 Best Odds

Today we cover the best odds for winning Super Bowl 2020. With the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs in the books, there are only four teams left in the playoffs. Also, all four will be trying to advance to the Super Bowl on Sunday. Since only one team can be crowned champions, we will take a look at the remaining teams. In doing so we preview which team has the best chance to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Tennessee Titans +700

The Titans have the worst odds to win the Super Bowl. However, the team has played well so far in the playoffs. Knocking off the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens. They weren’t given much of a chance to win either game, but they managed to pull off the wins convincingly thanks to Derrick Henry and a very good defense. The Titans have already defeated the Chiefs this season and can pull off the upset on Sunday. We rank them as the third best team left in the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers +600

The Packers finished with the second-best record in the NFC, but they don’t look like a team that is capable of beating any of the three other teams in the playoffs. The 49ers embarrassed them in a Week 12 primetime game, the Titans ground game will give the problems, and they aren’t explosive enough to keep up with the Chiefs. Having Aaron Rodgers under center gives them a chance in every game that they are in, but they will need more than Rodgers to beat any of the remaining teams. We rank them as the fourth best team in the playoffs.

Winning Super Bowl 2020 Best Odds

How to Bet On Winning Super Bowl 2020

San Francisco 49ers +155

The 49ers are a scary team when they are playing well defensively, which is something the Packers can attest to. Their running game is one of the best in the league, which was evident in the way they ran the ball against the Vikings, who knew it was coming but couldn’t stop it. Even though they have run the ball well and play well defensively, their offense isn’t very explosive, especially when they throw the ball, which they will need to do at some point in the playoffs. We rank them as the second best team in the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs +130

Many believe the Chiefs have the best odds at winning Super Bowl 2020. The Chiefs are the best offensive team in the league. Also, have a lot of talented weapons on the offensive end to give them a matchup advantage over any team. Their defense has been their weakness over the last two years. However, they have improved this season, especially in the second half. Kansas City’s biggest problem is the team’s inconsistent running game. But, with opponents having a hard time stopping their aerial attack, they don’t have to run the ball if they don’t want to. We rank them as the best team in the playoffs.

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