James Conner Hoping Quarantine Workouts Lead To Big Season

Pittsburgh Steelers workouts running back James Conner was expected to have a big year last season after the team let LeVeon Bell go. However, his season was marred with injuries. Conner ended up finishing with 464 yards on 116 attempts and four touchdowns, averaging 4 yards per attempt. Looking to bet on Super Bowl 2021 on the Steelers? View the below Steelers preview.

Since the season ended, Conner has hit the gym and hopes his hard work pays off on the field when the season starts.

After posting a picture of himself in the gym looking bigger than he was last year, Conner was asked about the muscle mass he has added during the offseason.

“Nah man, it’s just the angle — I ain’t been working out,” he said.
“But no, honestly, a lot of people comment on it and say I’m going to be stiff or all this. I’m a professional. I know how to work out. I think it starts with genetics, but I, James Conner also been putting a lot of work into the weight room. It was the way I flexed it. It was nothing. A lot of people look like that.”

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James Conner Workouts

Conner said he put in a lot of work in the gym when the coronavirus hit in March. As he was preparing for the final season on his rookie contract, used the isolation to improve his body, working out five or six times a week.

“As soon as the quarantine started. I made a decision just every day trying to get a little bit better and really take advantage of this downtime that we have,” Conner said.

“The quarantine helped me get away from all distractions. Not necessarily that they’re all distractions. However, not be going out. Just staying at home and having to cook at home … It forces people to stay home. With that time while you’re home, I was just trying to get better.”

For his part, Conner is hoping that his workouts put in off the field will translate to a big season as well as a big contract extension.

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