How Can I Place a Bet on Superbowl

From old to young, this week the main question we have been getting asked is, “how can I place a bet on Superbowl?” for the 2018 Superbowl which kicks off in a little over one month from now on Sunday, February 4th, 2018. To get things started and to better explain how to place a bet online we will be using betting on the Kansas City Chiefs as an example.

As you may or may not be aware the Kansas City Chiefs jumped out to a fast start this season, winning five straight games to kick things off. During their streak, the Chiefs were one of the favorites to win the AFC, however, the team went into a slump that has significantly reduced their chances of making the playoffs and of course Superbowl 2018.

At 7-6, the Chiefs still lead the AFC West, but their odds of winning the Super Bowl is now +3300 online betting odds.

Their offense, which was the highest scoring in the league during their five-game winning streak has struggled of late, with the team failing to top 20 points in three of their last five games.

How Can I Bet on Superbowl Online

Alex Smith, who was in the MVP discussion for the first half of the season, has still been playing well for the most part, but his MVP chances are slim to none, thanks to the play of Tom Brady and Carson Wentz, who are the current front runners.

Running back Kareem Hunt, who led the league in rushing during the streak, has failed to go over 100 yards in seven of their last eight games.

After their win over the Oakland Raiders this week, the Chiefs are still in the driver’s seat in the division race, but with a game against the Los Angeles Chargers coming up this week, that could easily change leading up to the Super Bowl.

If Kansas City defeats Los Angeles, the Chiefs should be able to clinch the division with winnable games against the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos left on their schedule.

If the Chiefs make the playoffs, they will be one of the scariest teams in the AFC because they have already defeated the New England Patriots on the road once this season, and lost a close game to the Pittsburgh Steelers who are current one of the top favorites to bet on for the Superbowl online and in Las Vegas.

Defensively, the Chiefs have not been a very consistent team this year, but if Andy Reid runs the ball like he did against the Raiders, their defense will be more effective because they will be better rested.

Kansas City’s Super Bowl odds may have dropped significantly over the course of the season, but they are still one of the best teams in the AFC.

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